A new standard in short and day stay hospital care.

Our private hospital offers state of the art surgical and patient facilities and an expert team focused on providing the best patient care possible. The specialists who choose to operate at our hospital are the best in their fields. Working alongside them are qualified and caring nursing staff, providing personalised care that is second to none.

All this is delivered in one of New Zealand’s safest and most environmentally friendly buildings, with Forté being New Zealand’s only hospital to achieve four green star certification.

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Forté uniforms head to the Pacific Islands

Forté Health has teamed up with The Rotary NZ World Community Service to send desperately needed items to Pacific Island hospitals.

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Pedal power making a comeback at Forté Health

An initiative to support and encourage cycling has taken off at Forté Health – and the bike sheds are full as a result!

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Forté wins award for paediatric initiatives

The Forté team are on their way home from the ‘Leaders in Quality’ Awards, with one of the top Awards in their luggage!

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