A new standard in short and day stay hospital care.

Our private hospital offers state of the art surgical and patient facilities and an expert team focused on providing the best patient care possible. The specialists who choose to operate at our hospital are the best in their fields. Working alongside them are qualified and caring nursing staff, providing personalised care that is second to none.

All this is delivered in one of New Zealand’s safest and most environmentally friendly buildings, with Forté being New Zealand’s only hospital to achieve four green star certification and New Zealand's first carbon zero hospital.

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Forté responds to ever-changing diabetes care landscape

A Forté Health initiative that puts patients at the centre of their diabetes management has been praised by patients and staff.

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Surgical milestone reached as HoLEPs hit 100!

Giovanni Losco is celebrating a milestone surgery, as he completes his 100th HoLEP operation – a modern surgical solution to a common complaint for men.

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Taking a break to support post-operative care

A new initiative at Forté Hospital to stop and pause during post-operative handover has been applauded by staff, anaesthetists and the Ministry of Health.

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