Providing a new standard for hospital care in New Zealand.

Forté Health is a private hospital designed for short stay procedures, with four fully-equipped operating theatres, a 12-bed recovery area, 22 overnight suites and two day lounges. Our facilities are world-leading and surgeons from multiple disciplines choose to operate here.

Forté Health was opened in 2013 by a group of medical specialists who, in post-quake Christchurch, saw an opportunity to offer a new, sustainable approach to medical care. Providing innovative, world-leading facilities with a focus on delivering excellence in patient care has always been at the heart of Forté’s operations.

Forté Health is owned by Forté Health Group Limited, with its shares held individually by various Canterbury medical specialists. These medical specialists operate at Forté Health, as well as at other private and public hospitals around New Zealand. Our medical specialists are committed to providing patients with clarity and transparency regarding their medical care. For a list of all medical specialist shareholders click here.

The Forté Health team is dedicated to providing exemplary one-on-one care, walking alongside our patients through every step of their journey. It’s a fresh approach to medical care, delivered in New Zealand’s first net carbon zero hospital.

132 Peterborough Street

We operate out of the Forté Health building in central Christchurch, one of the safest and most environmentally sound buildings in New Zealand.

Built in 2013 to 180% of building code it provides the highest level of strength, stability and safety for our patients, clinicians, staff and visitors. The building also mirrors Forté Health’s commitment to sustainability, achieving four green star certification.

Our values / Kauara

The Forté Health values are at the heart of everything we do. Developed by our staff, they embody the culture here at Forté and we strive to live up to them each and every day.

Forté Health / Whakapakari Hauora

We are committed to working in partnership with Maori. Our Kaumatua is available to support patients and staff. We acknowledge and support the diversity of Canterbury and have interpreters or advocacy services available.

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Te whakatutukitanga

At Forté Health we set our standards high. That’s what our patients and the medical specialists who choose to operate here deserve.  We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our systems and services so that we continue to offer the world-leading private hospital service we strive for.

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Person centered

Te aronga ki te tangata

Our patients are at the heart of our hospital.  At Forté Health we pride ourselves on providing personalised care, treating each patient who walks through the door as an individual and aiming to make their hospital experience a positive one. 

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The Forté Health staff are a close-knit team with a focus on providing quality care.  When patients come into our care, they benefit from that.  We respect, we support, we listen.

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Te auahatanga

At Forté Health we are always looking for new and innovative ways that we can do things better for our staff, for our patients, for the medical specialists who choose to operate here and for our environment. 

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Te ngākau tapatahi

We are privileged to be the hospital of choice for medical specialists and patients and we are committed to treating those who walk through our doors with dignity and respect. 

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Ngā mahi whakauka

Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do.  In 2020 Forté was awarded the Toitū EnviroMark Gold Award for environmental sustainability and in 2021 became New Zealand's first net carbon zero hospital. We don’t just talk sustainability.   We are doing it and are true leaders in terms of sustainability in the health sector.

Meet our Executive Team

Meet our Board Members

Our Net Carbon Zero Story

Forté Hospital is proud to be New Zealand’s first net carbon zero hospital.

Our commitment to sustainability and providing industry-leading environmental stewardship has been a driving part of our kaupapa since the beginning.

Our environmentally-friendly building was a great launching pad to our sustainable ethos, which now weaves through every part of our hospital. From compostable medicine trays to sophisticated energy-saving lighting systems, solar hot-water heating panels to significant waste reduction initiatives, we are committed providing exceptional care to our patients as well as our planet.

We are delighted to be certified as net carbon zero by Toitū Envirocare – the first hospital in New Zealand to achieve net carbon zero status. We are leading the way, but our journey isn’t over. We will continue to look for opportunities to do things in a way that’s better for our people and our planet. Watch this space.

To keep up to date with our sustainability initiatives keep in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram.

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