At Forté we promise to expertly care for our patients, no matter how big or small. Children have their own unique needs, questions and worries when coming to hospital. We understand that and have developed an award-wining paediatric experience, designed and created with our littlest patients in mind.

Forté Health’s paediatric experience aims to prepare children for surgery in a fun, playful way making the hospital journey a little bit easier for our youngest patients and their families.

Included in Forté’s range of paediatric initiatives is the creation of Ra, Poppy and Kea Kaha. These three Forté friends help explain to children and their families what they can expect when coming to hospital. The book ‘Ra and Poppy’s Visit to Forté Health’ is a direct reflection of our hospital – from the images of the playroom to the gowns the children wear – helping children and their families become familiar with the hospital environment. For those children who need a little more reassurance, pre-hospital visits can be arranged.

Forté’s innovative approach to paediatric care is industry-leading – and is now award winning, with Forté Health receiving the 2021 ‘Leaders in Quality Award’ by the New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association for its paediatric initiatives.