COVID-19 Requirements

Your Health, Our Priority

Updated July 2022

With Influenza and other winter illnesses, including COVID-19, prevalent in the community ANY cold and flu symptoms and/or stomach upsets may affect your surgery. If you have any cold or flu symptoms please contact your surgeon’s rooms for advice.  

COVID-19 symptoms include a new or worsening cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, sneezing and runny nose, loss of smell/altered taste, fever, fatigue/feeling of tiredness.

Please note that if you test positive for COVID-19 up to 8 weeks before your scheduled surgery you will need to ring your surgeon for further advice. A recent COVID-19 infection can pose a health risk for those undergoing surgery, even if you are recovered, and therefore may affect the timing of your surgery.

The Forté team will screen all patients and their visitors/support persons on arrival for admission.  Please answer their questions openly and honestly.

All patients and approved visitors are required to wear a mask while at Forté Hospital.

Please read on for further information about our Visitor Guidelines and COVID-19 Testing Requirements.

Visitor Guidelines
We welcome ONE visitor/support person with each patient for the duration of their stay and up to TWO parents/caregivers to support children. Please ensure your visitors do not come to Forté if they are sick, as they will be unable to enter the hospital.

Testing Requirements
Those scheduled for surgery must self-administer a RAT test the day before surgery (unless you have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 3 months). If a child under five is scheduled for surgery the parent or caregiver bringing the child into the hospital must perform a RAT test instead. If you do not have access to a RAT test, a test can be picked up from Forté Health Concierge for you to use the day before your surgery.

If you or your child returns a positive RAT test, please call Forté Health on 03 365 8333 as well as call your surgeon’s rooms as your surgery will need to be postponed. If this occurs on a Sunday, please leave a message and the postponement will be actioned on Monday morning.

On the day you are admitted for surgery a further RAT test will be performed once you arrive at Forté Hospital.


Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please discuss this directly with your medical specialist or phone the Forté Hospital team on 03 365 8333 (during business hours) or email

We appreciate your support and cooperation.