Te whakatutukitanga

COVID-19 Update from Forté Health

Forté Health has updated its COVID-19 testing requirements for patients.

All patients scheduled for surgery must self-administer a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) the day prior to their surgery, with a further test being carried out upon admission. If a child under five is scheduled for surgery the parent or caregiver bringing the child into the hospital must self-administer a RAT test instead. If you do not have access to a RAT test, one test can be picked up from Forté Health Concierge for you to use the day before your surgery.

If you or your child returns a positive RAT test, please call Forté Health on 03 365 8333 as well as call your surgeon’s rooms as your surgery will need to be postponed. If this occurs on a Sunday, please leave a message and the postponement will be actioned on Monday morning.

On the day you are admitted for surgery a further RAT test will be performed once you arrive at Forté Hospital.

These COVID-19 procedures are in place to protect all our patients, including those who may be vulnerable.

For full information about our COVID-19 requirements, including our visitor policy, please click here.