Forté Health Pre-admissions Nurse Monique Ure


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Forté responds to ever-changing diabetes care landscape

A Forté Health initiative that puts patients at the centre of their diabetes management has been praised by patients and staff.

Forté Health initiated its diabetes project due to the increasing number of patients with diabetes presenting for surgery. The project involved increased staff education on new and evolving technologies and medications used for diabetes treatment. That prompted Forté to review its patient journey with specific attention to the assessment, communication, and monitoring of patients with diabetes.

Forté Health Recovery Unit Nurse Manager Dorothy Geelans, who led the project, says the project has resulted in the creation of a new person-centric approach to the care of patients with diabetes.

“This new approach puts the patients at the centre of their own care, supporting them to have as much self-management as possible of their diabetes during their surgical journey.

“Since implementing this we’ve seen improved outcomes for our patients with diabetes. There’s been a reduction in the number of clinical incidents involving the care of a patient with diabetes and a renewed focus to keep abreast of improved technologies that enable and support patient self-management. This means our clinical knowledge and skills have been updated so we can offer the best patient care possible.”

Forté Health Pre-admissions Nurse Monique Ure says the review has led to the development of a new screening tool for patients with diabetes, which allows them to assess patients quickly and accurately.

“Everyone with diabetes is different and everyone manages their treatment differently. Our updated screening processes and patient-centric approach ensures everyone caring for the patient is aware and informed of their specific health needs so they have a safe and positive experience with us. As nurses, it means we can give our patients the very best care we can offer.”

Forté Health’s diabetes project has been recognized as a part of Forté’s audit process, which is conducted on behalf of the Ministry of Health, but Dorothy says the best feedback they receive is from the patients themselves.

“We’ve had one patient tell us they were more worried about their diabetes care than the surgery, but they didn’t need to because they felt so well supported.

“That’s the best outcome of all – patients knowing that when they come to Forté, they will be supported during their health journey with us.”

Image: Forté Health Pre-admissions Nurse Monique Ure