Te auahatanga

Forté wins award for paediatric initiatives

The Forté team are on their way home from the ‘Leaders in Quality’ Awards, with one of the top Awards in their luggage!

Forté won the clinical category of the Awards, run by the New Zealand Private Surgical Hospitals Association, for their work to improve the hospital journey for paediatric patients.

“We are over the moon!” says Forté Health General Manager Rachel Hillyer.

“This project was a ground-up initiative sparked by our nursing team who had a goal of reducing childrens’ anxiety, so a trip to hospital would be less stressful for them and their family.  That’s exactly what has been achieved,” says Rachel.

The three-year project, led by PACU Manager Dorothy Gelens and supported by the Paediatric Specialist Interest Group, has seen a raft of initiatives implemented including extensive training for staff in paediatric care, the use of diversional therapy tools for children and significant changes to the hospital environment, with themed graphics installed and an additional play area created.

The most significant part of the project was the creation of a children’s book, developed and written by Forté Health, to inform and prepare children for a surgery in a way that matches Forté’s unique environment.  For the book Forté Health created the mascot ‘Kea Kaha’ and friends ‘Ra and Poppy’ to tell the story.

“While winning this Award is a great recognition of the passion and dedication of our staff, and the support of our board, it’s the feedback from staff, children and families that provides real satisfaction. Having staff tell us children are less anxious, and families speak about how Ra, Poppy and Kea Kaha helped prepare their child for the hospital experience makes us enormously proud that what we are doing is making a real difference,” says Rachel.