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From waste to WOW – Forté’s Wearable Arts takes centre stage again

Five stunning garments took to the runway this month, as Forté Health held its second-ever Wearable Arts Awards.

The Wearable Arts event challenged staff to make a themed garment constructed entirely out of waste from Forté Hospital.

Forté Health CEO Rachel Hillyer says the results were outstanding.

“We have some incredible people working at Forté Health. The creativity was amazing in terms of the ideas and themes that were shared, as well as the construction of the garments. We definitely unearthed some hidden talents,” says Rachel.

The winning garment was a creative interpretation of the Forté mascot Kea Kaha by a team comprising of Angela Ross, Mandie Carswell, Jenny Smith, Penny Sinclair and Amelia Carson.

Angela Ross says the Kea are known for being inquisitive, intelligent and, much like those at Forté Health, they love a challenge!

“Our artistic representation of the Kea is delicately handcrafted from a range of products found from dumpster diving at Forté, which make it fitting for the kea’s cheeky, inquisitive nature,” says Angela.

The feathers for the Kea were hand cut from eziwarm blankets, the bodice is made from kimguard (a product used for sterlisation of equipment), with other detailing made using iv fluid bags, oxygen tubing and shrink wrap. 

“The bodice is lined with golden Korus, the symbol of creativity, and poi are dangling from the waistline.  This cultural adaptation of the gown represents new life, strength and peace,” says Angela.

Rachel says the Wearable Arts event is part of Forté’s wellbeing and sustainability initiatives.

“It’s a fun way for our people across the organisation to come together, to connect and to put a creative lens on our sustainability mission,” says Rachel.