Person centered

Te aronga ki te tangata

Kaumātua Kawiti is here to help

State-of-the-art surgical and patient facilities are not all that's on offer at Forté Health. Kawiti Tukuru is Forté’s Kaumātua and he is always on hand to help patients in need.  

Kaumātua are respected Māori elders within the community who are essential to health organisations. The four cornerstones (or sides) of Māori health are whānau (family health), tinana (physical health), hinengaro (mental health) and wairua (spiritual health).

Appointed for their wisdom and knowledge, Kaumātua teach, guide and support current and future generations.  

Kawiti provides support and advice to Forté as well as performing blessings at the hospital. Most recently he carried out a blessing of the hospital’s new oxygen system.

Kawiti is also available to speak to patients as a spiritual advisor, visiting the hospital when needed to talk, perform prayers or to simply visit and listen. As well as supporting the patient he can help families and loved ones during difficult times.  

Kawiti says he’s just there to help in any way he can. 

"I'm always helping. I help everybody, elderly people, Pākehā and Māori people." 

Receiving guidance from Kawiti is only a phone call away and can be arranged by the Forté Health team.

Forté Health Clinical and Risk Safety Quality Manager Shaye Millar says providing the very best patient care possible means more than just looking after a person’s physical wellbeing.

"At Forté we support the whole patient – physically, emotionally and spiritually and culturally.   For many people connecting with their spiritual self and spending time with someone like Kawiti is an incredibly important part of their healing, and we’re privileged that Kawiti can provide that service and support to Forté’s patients.”

To find out more about arranging a visit from Forté's Kaumātua Kawiti please request this when filling in the Patient Health Questionnaire or contact reception anytime on 03 365 8333 or email