Team Forté riding for the environment – and for charity!

22nd February 2024

More than 2,200 kilometres have been peddled by Forté cyclists as part of the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, with every ride putting money in the bank of two great charities.

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge is run during February to encourage individuals and workplaces around the country to get out and about on two wheels. This is the fourth year Forté Health has joined the Challenge, and this year it’s taking a charitable focus.

“In the past we have offered prizes to motivate people to take part in the Challenge, but feedback was that the Forté team were more motivated by our community and the wellbeing of our environment and the people within it,” says Pip Hope, a Forté Health recovery nurse who is spearheading the Aotearoa Bike Challenge at Forté Health.

As a result, for every 1,000 km cycled Forté Health is making a donation to two charities chosen by staff – The Champion Centre and Forté Health’s team of walkers in the Oxfam Trailwalker event.

So far throughout the Challenge Forté’s riders have completed more than 230 rides, with 121 commuter trips saving an estimated 199 kg of CO2. 

Pip Hope says the best part of the Aotearoa Bike Challenge is seeing people jump on a bike for the first time.

“Whether it’s going for a ride in the weekend or giving biking to work a go, it’s fabulous to see more people investing in their health and their environment through cycling. Being part of the Aotearoa Bike Challenge really aligns with Forté’s values as well as being an awesome way to connect with staff from various parts of the organisation – and the fact we’re doing it for charity makes it even better,” Pip says.

Image: Emma Jones (PACU RN) and Dot Gelens (PACU manager) arrive at work after their two-wheeled morning commute.