Te whakatutukitanga

Supporting careers with real and relevant training – Forté’s industry-leading education portfolio

8th August 2022

Debbie and Alice are two of Forté’s latest graduates – and the smiles say it all.

“I’ve absolutely thrived on the training – it’s been amazing,” says Debbie.

Debbie Callaghan and Alice Barrett have just been awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing at a ceremony at Forté Health, where they work as Health Care Assistants.

“Having Forté support us through this training has been incredible. It’s the first time I’ve done any recognised, certified training since coming back to work after raising my family, and I’ve loved every second of it,” says Debbie.

The training is part of Forté’s extensive education portfolio, which is run by Education Coordinator Courtney McKerrow. As well as ensuring all staff complete their core training and professional development requirements, Courtney manages a wide range of other education opportunities – from conferences to study days to Forté’s own Medical Specialist Education series.

“It’s important our training is relevant and based on real experiences and, for that reason, much of our additional training is staff-led. We listen to what training or knowledge staff need or want, and then design a programme around it.

“Often this is facilitated by our own staff or medical specialists, making it even more relevant and strengthening relationships within the team,” says Courtney.

Recently training has been offered on topics such as management of patients under Department of Corrections care, mental health, post-operative care for patients with spinal injuries, sustainable healthcare, and medical gas training.

“We’re a relatively small organisation which means we can be really nimble. If we see a need or an opportunity to provide knowledge or development, we fill it quickly. For the size of the organisation the level of training and education we offer our staff is significant,” says Courtney.

For Debbie and Alice, completing the New Zealand Certificate in Health and Wellbeing has informed their job, and inspired them to continue their education journey.

“Completing the Certificate in Health and Wellbeing has helped me better understand the rationale for why we do things the way we do, and is supporting me in working with our patients,” says Alice.

Debbie agrees and is inspired to learn more.

“I’m interested in learning more about food and nutrition and its impact on patient care, and Forté has been incredibly supportive of that. I’m excited to keep learning and love working for an organisation that embraces that, supporting me to grow and develop in my role and strengthening my ability to provide the very best care to our patients,” says Debbie.

Image above: Debbie Callaghan, Forté Nursing Services Manager Angela Ross and Alice Barrett