Kaumatua Kawiti Waititi at the blessing and celebration of Forté Health’s new oxygen supply system.


Te auahatanga

Blessing and celebration of new oxygen supply

It’s better for the staff, the patients and the environment – making the installation of Forté Health’s new oxygen supply system a milestone worth celebrating!

On Wednesday 3 March a blessing was held for Forté Health’s new oxygen supply system, known as a VIE Tank.  The blessing was carried out by Kaumatua Kawiti Waititi and was attended by staff, Forté Health board members and contractors.

The Vacuum Insulated Evaporator (VIE) allows Forté to store liquid oxygen at -180˚C.  The liquid is heated via a large vaporizing unit which turns the liquid oxygen into its gaseous form.  The VIE Tank replaces the old system of using oxygen cylinders.  Work to install the new system started in November 2020, with the installation now complete and commissioning underway.

Forté Health General Manager Rachel Hillyer says Forté Health’s ethos is to constantly look for innovative ways to improve not just the service they provide, but the way they provide it and the subsequent impact on the environment.

“Installing the new VIE system ticks all the boxes.  It reduces manual handling by staff, future-proofs our services and reduces our emissions by minimising the number of truck movements required to deliver bottled oxygen.  It’s a winning combination and we’re delighted that our team have not only identified this opportunity but have worked together to see this initiative come to fruition.”