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Forté Health achieves top marks from auditors

7th March 2022

Forté Health is once again setting the standard for hospital care in Christchurch – achieving an extended four-year certification from the Ministry of Health.

All Hospitals are audited on behalf of the Ministry of Health to achieve the certifications required to operate. Forté Health has completed its latest audit and has been granted a four-year certification status for the second period in a row. Forté Health is currently the only hospital in Christchurch with this extended standard.

Forté Health CEO Rachel Hillyer says at Forté they have always aimed to set the standard for exceptional healthcare, and this audit shows they are doing just that.

“It’s a wonderful result which validates the incredible commitment and passion of our team, who are driven to providing our patients and our community with an unparalleled level of service and care, all delivered in the most sustainable hospital in New Zealand,” says Rachel.

In addition to the extended certification status, Forté Health also received a number of continuous improvements through the auditing process. A continuous improvement is a programme of work that is audited and awarded as an achievement of excellence.

Forté Health’s continuous improvements were awarded for Forté’s:

  • Sustainability Programme;
  • Award-winning paediatric services;
  • Exemplary management of COVID-19;
  • Improvements to handling of medical gases;
  • Continuous focus on patient-centered initiatives, including a recovery handover initiative; and
  • Patient-first approach to diabetes management.

The auditor's comments included:

[Forté Health] has a well-articulated commitment to patients through well-defined purpose, values, scope, direction, and goals. These aim to improve patient health outcomes using leading-edge treatment options and outstanding patient care. There is a commitment to ensuring patients’ needs are met throughout the stay and that care is delivered with compassion, integrity, and respect.

“We are delighted at these results and comments and look forward to meeting the audit team in the future to showcase the next chapter in Forté’s journey to provide the best care to our patients and our community,” says Rachel.